3 week ampuversary and FABULOUS


Hi friends! Yesterday was our 3 week ampuversary and we spent I‎t at our oncology follow up at A&M. Everyone is still so impressed with bad@$$ bad@$$ LEROY super bulldog! His margins from his hemipelvectomy were better than originally thought 🙌🙌. We are still waiting on results for the histopathology for the ilium (words I dont understand but has somemthing to do with the pelvic bone cancer growth). Should know by tomorrow. 🤞

Going forward we have decided to do metronomic chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide (every other day indefinitely) and rimadyl, plus a diuretic on the days he takes the cyclo. The Metronomics seems to have minimumal side effects (we haven’t started yet, but will keep you posted), and will help prevent any metastasis and keep any “hidden” cancer cells in the blood stream at bay. From the research I did while on A&Ms WI-FI, Metronomics is about learning how to live with cancer as something like diabetes or heart disease. It wasn’t a difficult decision for us to take this route. Even though we had clean margins in our amp, and soft tissue sarcomas are slow to metastasize, this is Leroys best option.

Pending the histopathology iIlium, if I‎t is not good we will be looking at 20 radiation sessions within a month. Praying we don’t have to do the radiation route, but we will if we have to. I will Airbnb a place so I can be with him during the time. If anyone knows a pet friendly or has an airbnb there, im your client!

Leroy is so thankful for all of your love! We are dropping off tripawd info packets at his daycare/vet office tomorrow to inform more people about Tripawds! Leroy’s dad is so excited to take him to daycare tomorrow because they love and have missed leroy so much. Don’t worry, he normally just stays behind the desk so he wont be over active. I know he is excited to see his daycare fam!

Thanks again for all the support and love! And here are some of our best pics of the coolest dude!

Wine aklways helps


Yup, leroy had a cake Mae in his honor for his 8th birthday

2 week ampuversary

Leroy hit his 2 week ampuversary earlier this week! We got our staples taken out and have reduced his meds by half. By the grace of God we still haven’t had “the crash”! He continues to amaze us and is so much happier sans tumor (and leg) (and part of his hip 😳)! We go to Texas A&M on Tuesday for our first oncology apt for his Nerve Sheath Tumor. He is our rock star! This bulldog won’t let anything keep him down! ❤️❤️

12 days post amp and fabulous

We are 12 days post amp and are slowly introducing Leroy back to his human friends! He was so excited to see his human buddies and loves showing off his new Tripawd bod! He continues to prove that he can surpass all odds! Leroy’s energy spikes and his spirits are so high when his human friends come to visit! He was so happy for his get well cookies (dog friendly) from aunt Kristina and Uncle Matt! And was so excited to see his other Unle Kory and auntie Tara! The interaction with humans and getting him back to his norm has truly lifted his spirits even more! His incision conintues to looks great and he’s eating and BM are back to normal. I keep waiting for the “crash” but we keep rocking the tripawd life with ease each day! We get our staples out on 11/10 and go back to Texas A&M for oncology on 11/14.

Yay for get well cookies!

Huge helpers have been:

2. Yoga matts on wood floors for walking paths
3. Dr. Buzby’s toe grips (we needed super glue w/ them but they have helped a ton!)
4. Kong’s filled with peanut butter to occupy time
5. Cheese Whiz for pills
6. His doggie pack and play when he wants to move more than he should
7. Texas A&M vet team and our local vet in Dallas ❤️
8. Great friends and great wine

Thanks again for all of the support on here!

Leroy Update

LEROY UPDATE: This dog is serious a CHAMP! He is shocking dr’s left and right and defying all odds! We went to our local vet today and she said everything looked amazing! He is healing really far faster than she thought he would with it being such and intense surgery, and that it was one of the best amputation incisions she has ever seen! We were lucky that all of our stitches were internal and we only added a few precautionary staples. Also, he did not need a drain. He uses his back leg like a little pogo stick and hopping all over the place! It’s a full time job to keep him still ha! We’ve been sleeping on the couches downstairs to be with him and while we were sleeping last night the little booger snuck upstairs to sleep in the master! He had’t even done a stair yet so we were obviously shocked! Kudos to Leroy but we will be blocking the stairs from now on! We have been having better BMs which is good! the only issues we faced today is that he keeps peeing on his bed. Not a little dribble, but like a stand up and pee. It’s only happened twice and both times were when I gave him his anti-anxiety optional pill (gave it to him day one of coming home and today for the vet). Not a big deal, just wondering if anyone has experienced this as well. Our appetite is still strong and our spirits are still high! So proud of this big guy! Thanks for everyone’s support and comments!