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Nov 04

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We are 12 days post amp and are slowly introducing Leroy back to his human friends! He was so excited to see his human buddies and loves showing off his new Tripawd bod! He continues to prove that he can surpass all odds! Leroy’s energy spikes and his spirits are so high when his human friends come to visit! He was so happy for his get well cookies (dog friendly) from aunt Kristina and Uncle Matt! And was so excited to see his other Unle Kory and auntie Tara! The interaction with humans and getting him back to his norm has truly lifted his spirits even more! His incision conintues to looks great and he’s eating and BM are back to normal. I keep waiting for the “crash” but we keep rocking the tripawd life with ease each day! We get our staples out on 11/10 and go back to Texas A&M for oncology on 11/14.

Yay for get well cookies!

Huge helpers have been:

2. Yoga matts on wood floors for walking paths
3. Dr. Buzby’s toe grips (we needed super glue w/ them but they have helped a ton!)
4. Kong’s filled with peanut butter to occupy time
5. Cheese Whiz for pills
6. His doggie pack and play when he wants to move more than he should
7. Texas A&M vet team and our local vet in Dallas ❤️
8. Great friends and great wine

Thanks again for all of the support on here!

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5 comments so far

  1. benny55
    4:04 am - 11-5-2017

    I fall in @ove with Leroy over and over with each pocture and each update!! I do!! 🙂 we are all absolutely smitten with the ADORABLE WARRIOR!!!

    Leroy is bypassing any and all “crashes” anf just focusing on BEING LEROY 3ROY!! 🙂 Such a HUGE inspiration for anyone starting this journey with a few…er….”extra” challenges!

    Keep thise cookies coming Leroy! You deserve evyone of them! Sounds like you have some grest Aunts and Uncles! 🙂

    Hugs and a big smoooooch on your adorable mug! 🙂
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. krun15
    5:20 pm - 11-5-2017

    Leroy is a star! There are a few lucky pups who seem to sail though recovery and it seems Leroy is one of those. What ever you guys are doing is working so keep it up!
    Family and friend visits really helped perk Maggie up too- I think she was getting tired of just seeing me : ).
    I hope the oncology appointment goes well.

    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

  3. traceym
    11:51 pm - 11-5-2017

    Look at that smile – congrats on doing so well, Leroy!

    Tracey & Tai

  4. paws120
    3:02 am - 11-6-2017

    Way to go Leroy!! You are rockin’ it buddy, way to go hoomans, you are all over it!!
    Wishing you continued peace and smooth sailing.
    Jackie, David, and Huckleberry ❤

  5. linda8115
    7:44 pm - 11-6-2017

    Oh LeRoy I’m in love! Such a handsome man you are! Not all go thru the “crash” (we didn’t) so fingers crossed you don’t either! Outstanding update keep ’em coming your fan club is “rooting” for you!

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