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Nov 16

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Hi friends! Yesterday was our 3 week ampuversary and we spent I‎t at our oncology follow up at A&M. Everyone is still so impressed with bad@$$ bad@$$ LEROY super bulldog! His margins from his hemipelvectomy were better than originally thought 🙌🙌. We are still waiting on results for the histopathology for the ilium (words I dont understand but has somemthing to do with the pelvic bone cancer growth). Should know by tomorrow. 🤞

Going forward we have decided to do metronomic chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide (every other day indefinitely) and rimadyl, plus a diuretic on the days he takes the cyclo. The Metronomics seems to have minimumal side effects (we haven’t started yet, but will keep you posted), and will help prevent any metastasis and keep any “hidden” cancer cells in the blood stream at bay. From the research I did while on A&Ms WI-FI, Metronomics is about learning how to live with cancer as something like diabetes or heart disease. It wasn’t a difficult decision for us to take this route. Even though we had clean margins in our amp, and soft tissue sarcomas are slow to metastasize, this is Leroys best option.

Pending the histopathology iIlium, if I‎t is not good we will be looking at 20 radiation sessions within a month. Praying we don’t have to do the radiation route, but we will if we have to. I will Airbnb a place so I can be with him during the time. If anyone knows a pet friendly or has an airbnb there, im your client!

Leroy is so thankful for all of your love! We are dropping off tripawd info packets at his daycare/vet office tomorrow to inform more people about Tripawds! Leroy’s dad is so excited to take him to daycare tomorrow because they love and have missed leroy so much. Don’t worry, he normally just stays behind the desk so he wont be over active. I know he is excited to see his daycare fam!

Thanks again for all the support and love! And here are some of our best pics of the coolest dude!

Wine aklways helps


Yup, leroy had a cake Mae in his honor for his 8th birthday

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4 comments so far

  1. wanderlustloki
    4:40 pm - 11-16-2017

    Congratulations, Leroy! This fantastic news! Histopathology= diagnosing the disease by looking at the tumor cells under a microscope. Ilium= one of the hip bones. To make the jargon a little easier! I’m so happy to hear they got good margins, and it sounds like you’re taking a reasonable and managable approach to chemo. Keep posting adorable pics and let us know how the results turn out!

    Hugs and puppy kisses,
    Brittnie and Loki

    • leroyto3roy
      7:02 pm - 11-16-2017

      Thanks so much! And your words are so much easier than the dr terms lol! 😄

  2. jerry
    1:21 pm - 11-26-2017

    Awww I needed my Leroy fix. What a doll! Hoppy ampuversary Mr. Bad@$$ pawty animal!

    Any news on the histiopath results? I hope you guys can get away with metronomics. And yep, cancer IS a condition you manage just like any other chronic one. We found metronomics to be easier than we thought, hope it is for you and Leroy too.

    Thanks for spreading the news about Tripawds, we so appreciate it! Keep us posted on how things are going, we are always here cheering you on.

    • leroyto3roy
      6:59 pm - 11-26-2017

      I can’t wait to make a new post about Leroy’s latest updates once we get done with our thanksgiving travels! I am thrilled to let ya know that there was ZERO cancer in his histopathology of the ilium, so we officially have ZERO detectable cancer cells! What a thanksgiving blessing!
      The metro is going great and we will continue to take every other day indefinitely and he has been taking it well! No side effects so far! We are officially a week in on the metro and will have his white blood cell level checked next week to make sure all is well 🙌🤞
      We are so thankful for the Tripawds community this holiday season! We would be crazy without everyone here! 😘
      I’ll leave y’all with a pic from thanksgiving our amazing Leroy! (Don’t let his lack of smile fool you, he had a great time and loved his costume! And rocked his new tripawds bandana all week long with the upmost pride!!)

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